%%30%30: A Game

Mouse your way through the map without touching the deadly trees! (Chrome, Opera, etc. only)

WARNING: Do you have important, unsaved work open in other tabs?
You need to close this tab RIGHT NOW. Go save your work. Come back. Enjoy!

Start here… stay with the bears!

Okay, that was easy enough, let’s step it up a little?

Lets make it even harder…

Good luck!

Congrats, you made it!

Not on Chrome? Not on desktop? Is the game not working for you for some other reason?
Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Game screencast

What’s this about?

The bug

On Sep 18, 2015, someone discovered a bug in Google Chrome and some other apps* that causes them to crash when trying to understand certain %-escaped URLs, such as http://github.com/%%30%30. Unfortunately, Chrome tries to understand the link not only when you navigate to it, but also when you hover over links (the trees). That’s why causing the hovering over the trees will make Chrome crash.

This is not a bug with loading the page at the URL, but with merely translating a URL from a non-standard form to a standard one (canonicalization) – thanks devs for pointing this out!

* This Chromium bug actually affected all Chromium-based apps, including:

The fix

The bug was fixed in the stable version of Google Chrome (version 45.0.2454.101) on Sep 24, 2015. If you still have this bug, you should upgrade Google Chrome by selecting the About Google Chrome menu item.

What about this game?

This game used to be hosted on the main page of the repo. However, if you have the new version of Google Chrome, the game on this page will not work for you. (Congrats on being bug-free!)

However, for those who still want to experience the horror of what appears to be Chrome tabs crashing on you, @lockys made lockys/3030.js, a script that simulates the “Aw, Snap!” error page. It requires JavaScript, which isn’t allowed to run in the readme document at github.com/szhu/3030, but you can totally see it in action on this GitHub Pages site.

Happy mazing!

Further reading

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Have a better maze design? Want to report on the status of the bug? Issues and PRs are welcome!

The game code in this readme is generated automatically from the files in src.

Credits & License

Original idea by @szhu, with special thanks to the Chrome dev team for making this possible! You (the general public) can do whatever you want with the repo except claim it as your own work :)